sad jim

when will it end?

 my family is dropping like flies all around me:

my cousin Gilmer - 1/4

Brendan's grandmother (mother's side) - 1/20

my cousin Lori - 1/25

my great aunt Pearl - 2/14

Brendan's grandmother (dad's side) - 2/21

it has not been a good start to this year.
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i guess is been awhile since i updated so here goes>>>

our broke neck friend is finally out of his brace and back at work.
my grandma pulled through surgery and s back at home
Brendan has his birthday on Monday -HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!!
i still work all the time and have no free time.

um...yea..that's all the "big" news in my part of the world.
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movie night

im bored out of my mind at work.

thinking about seeing a movie tonight - would like to see knocked up - my friend said it was great.

the only theater with a showtime is at perimeter at like 7:15.
anyone want to go?

and you thought i fell off the face of the earth

i haven't posted in awhile - because i had forgotten my password - hehe :D

Um, ok, where to begin:

1. im married now
2. i only have 1 ferret left : (
3. im still poor
4. i only have free time on Wednesdays

um ok that is the short version of what has been going on with me

5  oh yea, almost forgot, i bought a new car before i got married.

ok now im done
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ok ya'll are gonnabe tired of choices

now i've gotten lazy so ya'll can go to the website and look them up yourselves.

Bill Levkoff options:

308 - $253
355 - $216
957 - $225
652 - $209
966 - $203

Jim Hjelm options:

jh6645 - $284

Watters and Watters -

7356 - $275
6470 - $319
880 - $225

(prices are not including tax or special discounts)
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